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So here’s what you missed on Everything Changes.  Kurt discovered he could turn into a cat, which is totally crazy and kinda breaks the laws of physics, and he’s super not okay with it.  Blaine doesn’t know anything about this even though half of the glee club does, and he doesn’t understand why everyone is acting even weirder than they usually do.  And that’s what you missed on Everything Changes.

I’ve been working on my Glee fic Everything Changes offline for a long while now.  Unfortunately due to life circumstances I won’t be able to finish it and start posting before the series finale of Glee as I’d intended.  I recognize that engagement with the Glee fandom is likely to wane over time after the show is over, however, so I thought I would circulate a chapter of it now to let people know it’s coming.

I chose this chapter because it is relatively stand-alone, but also captures what (I hope) is unique and interesting about this story.

So if you like what you read, please stick around.  You can follow on Tumblr, on LiveJournal, or on fanfiction.net.  In any case, I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Kurt and Rachel already have enough on their plates heading into their senior year at McKinley when they are caught up in the unthinkable.  An alien invasion.  People imprisoned in their own minds.  They along with Puck, Tina, and Artie are given the ability to change into any animal they can touch to give them a fighting chance at resistance, a burden none of them are ready for.  (Story elements adopted from Animorphs)
Characters: Kurt (featured), Rachel (featured), Puck, Tina, Artie, Blaine, Finn
Relationships: Kurt/Blaine (featured), Rachel/Finn
Rating: PG-13
A/N: The talented klainebanners was wonderfully generous to create this amazing banner for this story.  You can connect with them here on their Scarves & Coffee page, or on their Instagram account @allthoseklainefeels.

Chapter 6

Kurt trudged slowly through the hallways to his final class of the day, trying to force his exhausted and strung out mind to figure out what he was going to say to Blaine tonight during their study session at his house. He felt awful about Puck rudely dismissing him from their table at lunch, but he couldn’t exactly apologize without being able to explain or even assure him that it wouldn’t happen again.

He was so lost in his own thoughts...Collapse )

Fantastic Art for Everything Changes

I know this account has been quite inactive and I don’t expect that anyone is actually following it at the moment, but in the chance that there are I had to finally post, which I will get to in one second. But first—what’s going on with Everything Changes. Everything Changes is near and dear to my heart, and I assure you it will be completed. I started it a few years ago, and then quickly realized that I would not be able to write fast enough to satisfy any sort of real-time update schedule in addition to wanting to be able to go back fine tune the whole piece once I had everything written. Therefore, I decided to post the rest of it once it was finished. To the wonderful people who showed interest in the 1st chapter of Everything Changes oh so long ago, I very much appreciate you and apologize that I did not properly communicate expectations for when more of the story would be posted. As it stands right now, my target is to finish the story and start posting it before the series finale of Glee airs.

But that brings us back to why I posted. In anticipation of publishing my story in the next six months or so, the talented person known as klainebanners was amazingly generous to create a banner for Everything Changes, especially because only part of the focus is on Klaine, and I just had to share it with the world now because it is too good to stay stored on my hard drive for another 6 months. Here is their beautiful artwork and I’m just in love with it! I cannot wait to put it on top of every chapter that I post.

You can connect with klainebanners
here on their Scarves & Coffee page, or on their Instagram account @allthoseklainefeels. At the time of this posting, they are taking requests from authors that would like banners or scene edits.

Struck By Lightning Stereograms

I dabble in 3D modeling, and love stereograms, and a while ago I made these SBL stereograms, based off of the original promotional image.  I'm actually kind of nervous to let them loose on the internet, but I figure it's stupid to let them sit on my hard drive on the off-chance that someone might get a kick out of them.  If you share them, I would appreciate some sort of referencing credit to me, like a link back to this post or keeping the deviantArt links (click on the thumbnails below) with the actual images.

They are the same 3D hidden image. I uploaded both because while the yellow is more color appropriate, I think the red shows off the 3D image more clearly.


If you don't know how to view stereograms, http://www.focusillusion.com/Instructions/ has some tips and http://www.colorstereo.com/texts_.txt/practice.htm goes into some nice, illustrative detail.  If you don't know what a stereogram is at all, Bing/Google them!  They're fun!


RYAN MURPHY taps the numerous papers in his hand nervously against the table in front of him.  He clears his throat, commanding everyone’s attention.


We’re going to need to write a Rachel and Quinn kiss into the Christmas episode.


What?! PLEASE don’t tell me you were drunk twittering again.


…No.  (pause)  Faberry4ever said they liked my hats.


Everything Changes, Prologue

Spoilers: Through S2.  May incorporate elements from early S3, which will be warned about in relevant chapters.
Genre: Animorphs fusion fic, science fiction, angst, H/C, action-adventure
Characters/Pairings: Kurt and Rachel featured, also Artie, Tina, Puck, Blaine, Finn, and Quinn.  Pairings all start off canon-compliant as of the end of season 2, though things might change over the course of the story.  Klaine featured, also Finchel and Tike (as so far as that it exists, Artina friendship has more focus).
Rating: PG-13
Length: 3,650 words / lots and lots
Warnings: Everything you would expect from an Animorphs ‘verse that doesn’t hold its punches: violence, slavery, implicit non-con (follows from the slavery), emotional and physical trauma.  I do not warn about character deaths or other plot-integral things, but if this is important for you to know, I’d be happy to answer inquiries by private message.
Summary: The lives of a select few of McKinley High’s Glee Club are turned upside down when they are given the power to change into any animal and become unwittingly embroiled in the secret body-snatching alien invasion of Earth.  Can they actually make a difference and at what cost to themselves?

Author’s Notes: This is an Animorphs fusion fic.  Everything is canon through season 2 and then the Animorphs elements are thrown in at the start of season 3, making it AU from there.  The story may or may not incorporate elements from season 3.

You do not need to be familiar with Animorphs to enjoy this story.

I’d like to quickly note that, since this story does play with potentially sensitive topics like religion and gender identity/representation, the views and ideas expressed in this story are not necessarily reflective of my own personal views.

My sincerest apologies to anyone who has been wanting to read more since I impulsively posted chapter 1 seemingly ages ago.  So…I went back and wrote a prologue.  Oops.  Hopefully this will serve as a small token of peace and to let you know that I haven’t abandoned this story (as well as an opportunity to tell me to sit my butt down and write).  I have pages upon pages of notes and have plotted the whole story out, but it is rare for me to be in a mood where I feel I can write well and translate my ideas into decent prose.  I can’t make any promises as to when I will publish the next part, but I intend to have a good portion of it written before I post again so that the wait between updates will be minimal.

A whole-hearted, warm thank you to my beta, lola_mejor.

Finally, I welcome any sort of feedback in comments, be they positive or negative (but hopefully constructive).

Kurt stepped gingerly through the gravel-filled parking lot in downtown Lima with his arms wrapped defensively around his torso...Collapse )

We Couldn't Be Happier

Title: "We Couldn't Be Happier"
Series: First in "The Blaine and Rachel Show" universe
Fandom: Glee
Spoilers: Through 3x09
Genre: Supernatural but canon compliant-ish, a fix-it fic of sorts
Characters/Pairings: Rachel, Blaine, Finchel, Klaine
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Potential light dub-con if you squint really hard
Length: 1,500 words
Summary: Rachel is determined to make Blaine into her perfect leading man.
Notes: A whole-hearted, warm thank you to my wonderful betas, lola_mejor and judearaya.  I appreciated your help and time so very much.  Also, I greatly appreciate both positive feedback and constructive criticism in comments.

Rachel couldn't be happier.Collapse )

Everything Changes, Chapter 1

Temporarily taken down for minor edits